SL Casino in Riga raffles off 20,000 euros and Harley Davidson

SL Casino Riga, an elegant online casino with 25 years of experience, holds autumn prize draws. In September, the lucky ones got the original Harley Davidson, and in October the prize fund of 20,000 euros was at stake.

The casino belongs to the Shangri La network, famous in the CIS and throughout Eastern Europe. SL Casino is the fourth along with Shangri La in Yerevan, Minsk and Tbilisi. A popular feature of the brand is the drawing of luxury prizes: cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, large sums of money. In addition, the lottery is accompanied by the original show program. Guests say that it must be seen!

SL Casino in Riga

SL Casino itself is a spectacular and interesting place. The casino is located in a luxurious 5-star complex in the heart of the capital. In the Kempinski Grand Hotel, there are two floors and 600 square meters of space for playing halls. The charm of the historic building, known since the 19th century, is also reflected in the design of the gambling halls. For the new casino in Riga, an Art deco style was used.

The halls of the first floor are completely dedicated to modern slots from the world’s best developers. There are more than 50 of them here. And a small, but very cozy sports bar with an impressive drinks card works nearby. To get to SL Casino halls, it is convenient to use a separate entrance, which is easy to find thanks to a noticeable sign.

Raising to the second floor, guests get into the realm of games on the tables. There are three types of poker: Russian, Texas and Caribbean. You can also play blackjack and American roulette. In total, there are 10 tables in the common area. Polite and friendly croupiers speak three languages: Russian, Latvian and English. They are happy to help understand the rules of the game for beginners. The halls are served by about 100 people, for whom the comfort and safety of the guests come first.

VIP Club at SL Casino Riga

Please note that the establishment has a private VIP club, which anyone can join. This is a traditional club for Shangri La network. Members of the VIP community receive privileges that make the holiday more enjoyable and secluded. For private games there is a VIP room. It also opens up the possibility of making really high bets and, accordingly, counting on larger winnings.

For club members, additional services are provided, such as concierge service, personal bonuses, participation in private tournaments and parties, and much more.

Open draws with prizes

As we mentioned above, expensive prizes are a feature of the Shangri La network. And, of course, in the new VIP casino (Latvia), guests get the opportunity to fight for the super-win, as well as get it on the spot.

Each season there is a large prize fund for thematic events with hot lotteries. And this is not only the handing of tens of thousands of euros, it is also drawings of cars and motorcycles.

In addition, regular jackpots are played at SL Casino, which are intended for slot players and table players. For each category of guests there is a special prize fund, divided into separate jackpots. To get them, you just need to bet. The more of bets, the higher the chances of becoming a winner.

Junket tours to Riga

Riga is a beautiful historical city, the cultural center of Latvia, which offers tourists many interesting leisure opportunities. Thanks to SL Casino, travelers can get gambling holidays with accommodation in one of the best hotels in the city. Junket Tour buyers receive accommodation in Kempinski, round-trip flight, transfer, meals, drinks and guided tours for the price of gaming bets.

Details on the site

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