Gaming tours in Shangri La Minsk

казино Shangri La MinskShangri La Casino in Belarus offers all popular games at any time of day and night, and organizes gaming tours on an all-inclusive basis.

The establishment of the international Empire of Michael Boettcher (Storm International is the management company) provides guests with the maximum service during the junket tour: accommodation in the best hotels and hotels in Minsk. All organizational issues are taken care of by a representative of the casino, and all that is necessary for guests is to show your passport at the reception desk in the chosen hotel!

What are game tours in Shangri La Minsk?

In effect, a casino tour (junket tour) is a good way to have a rest in a casino. However, the gaming tour means not only the opportunity to participate in gambling events, but also a whole range of services.

  • Free flight to Minsk and back.
  • Hotel accommodation. The standard tour includes 2 nights stay at the hotel.
  • Free services. Guests are provided with free drinks and meals in the restaurant.
  • Transfer. As part of the tour, a free car is available from the airport to the hotel, as well as to the casino and to the airport.
  • Special promotions. The guests of the junket tours take part in the special promotions of Shangri La.

Variants of accommodation during the tour

Since Shangri La Minsk is not located in the hotel building, the participants of the junket tours are accommodated in the best complexes of the Belarusian capital.

Shangri La, Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International, said that the casino provides guests with the maximum service: accommodation in the best hotels of the city of Minsk. At this visitor can choose one of the favorite options to your taste.

  • Luxury accommodation in the hotel Renaissance Minsk Hotel
  • Great location Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel
  • Chic accommodation in the President Hotel
  • Comfortable vacation in DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk
  • Exclusive vacation in the hotel «Marriot»
  • The maximum service at the Hotel Europe
  • Unforgettable country holiday in Robinson Club

At the stage of registration of the tour, you can voice your personal preference and order all the necessary services so that the rest fully meets all the requirements for an excellent vacation.

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