SL Casino – an elegant casino in Riga in the Kempinski complex

SL Casino, part of the Shangri La international network, is an exclusive gambling house in the heart of historic Riga. The casino is located in the luxurious Kempinski complex, just 20 minutes from the international airport. This is one of the few establishments operating in the VIP niche of the Baltic, offering excellent service, a game at the highest level and a variety of leisure activities. 

SL Casino Kempinski complex

SL Casino Riga is a synonym for style and elegance. That is why Grand Hotel Kempinski was chosen for accommodation. This historical building in the XIX century was popular with the aristocracy and bohemia hotel «Rome», later — an exemplary Soviet hotel «Riga». In 2017, a grand restoration was completed, which was occupied by the famous London studio — Alex Kravetz Design. The casino is located on two floors and has a separate entrance, which is specially made for the convenience of the guests.

The decoration of the halls of Riga’s new casino is executed in accordance with the Kempinski image and in the same style of art deco as the casino network in Minsk, Yerevan and Tbilisi. To create a comfortable atmosphere, pleasant tones are chosen and relaxing lighting is created. To decorate the situation used Italian fabrics, English carpets, exclusive wooden furniture and original pieces of decor of European masters. Guests of the elegant establishment feel surrounded by real aristocratic luxury.

Games at SL Casino

The new casino of Latvia offers the whole spectrum of popular gambling:

  • 50+ slot machines
  • American Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

To ensure that players on the tables and slot players feel as comfortable as possible, separate rooms are provided for them. Entrance on the first floor leads to a spacious slot-hall, where popular modern slot machines operate. These are machines of famous developers: Aristocrat, Cammegh, Novomatic and IGT.

For sports fans on the ground floor a sports bar is organized. This cozy place is created in order to watch your favorite sporting events. Also, the organizers took care of a wide menu of drinks.

On the first floor there are ten tables with card games and roulette. There is also a comfortable lounge area. For VIP-players who prefer a secluded game and high stakes, the VIP-room works.

SL Casino offers not only games

In Riga Shangri La casino, as in other establishments of the network, draws and unique events are constantly held.

The opening of SL Casino Riga took place in 2017, immediately after the opening of the Kempinski complex. And the celebration passed with a grandiose drawing. Since the event fell on the cold season, the first event for the guests was «Winter Fun». Each guest could claim a part of an impressive prize fund of 30 000 euros.

Also, in the casino draws are held for slot players and players on the tables. Several times a week, guests who make bets from 20 cents, become participants in cash prizes. They regularly receive additional jackpots in the amount of several hundred and even thousands of euros. And all you need to do is play! The more bets are made, the higher the chances of getting an additional jackpot.

Show programs and drawings are constantly updated, information about them is always on the site of the casino

Gaming Tours

SL Casino in Kempinski is one of the few hotel casino in Riga and Latvia offering VIP-class gaming tours. For each guest, a personal manager makes up an individual program of recreation and entertainment. Accommodation is provided in the luxurious rooms of Grand Hotel Kempinski.

The manager also takes care of all the trouble on the organization: visa processing, air tickets booking in both directions, airport transfers, food and beverage organization, excursions in Riga and much more. You can order a wide range of additional services for the entire duration of the gaming tour at SL Casino.

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