Storm International develops Storm Casino network in Germany

Storm CasinoStorm Casino is not really a casino; it is a cozy slot hall network with excellent cuisine. They are situated in 10 places in 6 different cities in Germany. The network is managed by Storm International; Darren Keane is the CEO of the company.

You will easily find 3 slot halls in Frankfurt, 2 more in Fulda, and one more at Kriftel, Simmern, Mülheim, Aschaffenburg and Bensheim. All establishments are united by the general style and atmosphere of coziness. At the same time, each slot hall has its own peculiarity, which is why guests like to visit them.

Storm Casinos are younger brothers of Shangri La, Darren Keane commented. And although this is not a casino, but the choice of popular slots in gambling halls is impressive. Also, as in the casino network, there are themed parties. The premises are great for holding birthdays, corporate parties and friendly meetings.

Storm Sportsbar & Restaurant in Fulda is very popular. The name says that it is not just a slot hall, but also a sports bar and a restaurant. People come here for a round of pool and darts. By the way, tournaments on darts have long been important events for the guests. Burgers are another treasure of slot hall in Fulda. They are considered one of the best in the city.

Storm International is proud of the Liberty Bar & Grill in Mülheim. This place can be recommended to beer lovers. You will find Beer Garden here; it has 80 seats. A nourishing menu will not leave anyone hungry.

Storm Casino network has been working in Germany for several years and is a successful continuation of the network of gambling establishments by Storm International. The company was founded in Russia in 1992. Since then, it has expanded significantly and opened offices in many countries.

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